Here we go…

Photo by Sean Tuccillo

This here is my grand foray into the blogosphere!

I am a graduate student at St. John’s University, studying Global Development and Social Justice. For our final assignment for my Information Resources class, our professor is having us create a blog, the central theme of which is development.

Now, I have had a secret desire for quite some time to have a recipe blog. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I enjoy reading others’ food blogs. I figured that this assignment would be a great way to create my own little cookbook on the Internet while at the same time addressing development issues. But how to relate the two?

Food is a basic human need. Yet it has also become a political issue and a commodity. It’s been genetically modified, subsidized and turned into powder. There are people who don’t have access to nearly enough of it and there are people who eat way too much. In this blog, I hope to bring together resources that address the social, political and economic implications surrounding food, while also posting some of my favorite healthy recipes.


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