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H to the Izzo

For the past few months I have been preoccupied with the bothersome knowledge that everyday billions of people are without clean water. I feel a wave of guilt every time I wash the dishes or take a shower. So, I decided to do a little research about the conditions and the solutions. Honestly, this seems like a solvable problem; digging wells can’t be all that difficult. (Obviously I’m sure there are external hurdles…) After all, we can dig for fossil fuels miles beneath the sea, surely we can dig a bunch of wells to quench the thirst of our fellow man.

I made a presentation about my research. I think one of the photos got a little wonky, because I have been back and forth between computers. Check out the sites at the end; there are some great organizations doing good things for those in need!


My Master Plan

As I have previously mentioned, this blog is being created in conjunction with the Master’s program I am participating in. So every now and then I’ll divert a little bit from only speaking about food and water and discuss other topics related to development. After all, I haven’t officially decided what the topic of my thesis will be.

Ultimately, I do hope to do the bulk of my research in India. I have been gathering resources about the country and various topics relating to its rapid growth, culture and history. Once I narrow down my topic and the region of my studies, I hope to spend a few months getting a first-hand understanding of the issues I have been studying from afar.

Here are some resources that I have found during my research which I think will be useful.