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Don’t forget to pour one out for the troops!

I wish they were home eating burgers with their families instead…

Happy Labor Day!


Are we in denial?

While I was mulling over the topics I could include in this blog, I serendipitously came across a few articles that deal with food and some corresponding social issues. I clicked on this link when I was checking my firm’s Yahoo email and read an article that deals with the obesity rates in America and the way Americans see themselves.

It’s no secret that Americans love to eat. We are fortunate to live in a country with fertile land that nourishes our people. But we consume an animal-centric diet and have a tendency to eat things that come in just-add-water forms or take-out containers. We lead a more sedentary lifestyle than ever thanks to the ubiquity of cars as the main means of transportation in rural areas. These and other factors have led to high rates of obesity in children and adults. Further, obesity can lead to health issues such as diabetes and heart disease.

For me, the article by Gardner also brings up some interesting psychological issues that go along with the increasing rates of overweight and obesity in America. People don’t seem to understand what a normal weight for a person should be. Has overweight become the new norm in suburban or rural America? By what standards are we measuring ourselves? Perhaps we, as a society, know there is a problem with the way we treat our bodies, but we are afraid to make the necessary changes. In so doing, we choose to live in a state of denial of our bodies and ourselves.

Then again, maybe we just love buffalo wings too much!

One of my mottos is ‘everything in moderation’. (When convenient, I add: ‘including moderation itself’…) I grew up in suburban America and appreciate a bacon burger as much as the next. But we sacrifice our well-being if we succumb to the convenience of mass-produced, pre-made food. That being said, I am going to walk to the store and buy some vegetables!